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After the immense success of Volume Two last year, it was only right we get Colin back. Here we find Colin gathering the essence of the last 15 months, reflecting the positivity and feedback from his previous compilations for ZR and his Worldwide FM show.

Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 3 is a combination of tracks that had previously evaded a release on vinyl and a reflection of the reaction that the new music was getting in his DJ sets and Radio show. The whole purpose of these compilations is to introduce you to fantastic talent to allow you to then go and explore all their works and keep this movement moving!

With exclusive releases, many only available on Vinyl for the first time from Idris Ackamoor, Martin Johnson B3, Jane Bunnett and Maqueque, JuJu, Bellita & Jazztumbatá, GeeW & JD73’s ElecTrio.

The UK has made a great musical contribution to this genre in 2020 – 2021 From London to Leeds from Wales toScotland and beyond, quality emerging jazz talent which Colin hopes to showcase right here.

“I hope you enjoy the selections and feel the flavour of Jazz Dance & Fusion from Brazil, UK, Japan, Europe, Cuba and all around the globe in this Pandemic World” – COLIN CURTIS


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Idris Ackamoor - Island Dance Listen
02. Andrea Brachfeld - Descarga Del Mundo Listen
03. Bellita & Jazztumbatá - Oyelo Sonar Listen
04. Joshua Jaswon Octet - Extinction Listen
05. Martin Johnson B3 - Yatra Ta Listen
06. Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – Reencuentro Listen
07. JuJu - Wanting Touch Listen
08. Bellita & Jazztumbatá – Bellita’s Pilon Listen
09. GeeW - La Fiesta Listen
10. Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar - Ballali Listen
11. GeeW – Racing to Somewhere Listen
12. JuJu - Musa Listen

Disc 2

No. Track Preview
01. Papo Vázquez - Plena Drumline Listen
02. Andrea Brachfeld - Latin Sunset Listen
03. Mark Paul Norton & Born74 feat Regis Molina - Blue Bayou Listen
04. Papo Vásquez - Huracán Listen
05. Joe Collado - Ahi Na Ma Listen
06. Martin Johnson B3 - 500 Miles High Listen
07. The Drive – Africa Bossa (Live) Listen
08. GeeW - Latin Deep Listen
09. Born 74, Arema Arega - En Las Calles de Rio Listen
10. Joel Penner Sextet - Tombo 7/4 Listen
11. GeeW - Som Do Tambor (Sound Of The Drum) Listen
12. JD73’s ElecTrio - Crazy Cats Listen
13. Tingvall Trio - Cuban SMS Listen

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Colin Curtis – Presents Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 3




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