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Hello everybody here we come with what we consider our little summer tune. We had this track in mind since way back in time but we had to wait until I met Rob Sevier at Numero Towers in Chicago earlier this year, when we set in place a cooperation deal that sees this production as the first of a little row of nice soul tunes we’ll put out in the next months. Chicago’s Notations founder Cliff Curry recorded the acoustic demo of Let Love Come In during some sessions in 1973 which leaded to the release of “That Girl” and “I’m For Real” on Illinois’ Gene Cash C.R.A. label. Unfortunately this fabulous acoustic take never made it further and remained untouched, as presented here on our output number 12. The recording is amazing and shows all the typical features of an “instinctive” studio take, when both music and lyrics build on as it happens, “in real time” we’d say today. The song lyrics are made of 3 vocal blocks of which the first 2 are exactly the same while the 3rd is the place where the lyrics develope. So in arranging this to craft a Cannonball style record we just closed the eyes and try to figure out what we’d say to Mr. Curry if we were about to mix and release this studio demo. The result is that we changed place of the 3rd block, puttin it in between the other 2 and giving the song a logic lyrics development, while the music writing went down pretty natural. This record is dedicated to my partner and associate Max’s newborn Riccardo who is an amazin little star that will bring some light to this valley of tears. Big thanks to Rob for making this possible by licensing and authorizing it, to Mastergraph Fabio to GTR Frignani, Cappabass and DrumsPo for their great contribute in laying the music.  Hope you like it the way we like it, and we like it BIG TIME!



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01. Let Love Come In Listen


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01. Let Love Come In - Acoustic Version

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Cliff Curry


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