Cleveland Parker AKA Lee McDonald – How Long / Ronfo & Kindred Spirits Orchestra – Don’t Let Him Get The Best Of You – 7″ Vinyl


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As always, IZIPHO SOUL are thrilled and blessed to announce our latest offering, in true style we keep the bar high and the music varied.
Once again we are proud to collaborate with Ron Foster: genius arranger, producer, songwriter and close friend of dearly departed real soul man Cleveland Parker aka Lee McDonald.
HOW LONG is a gospel interpretation of the title track of Lee’s rare soul LP SWEET MAGIC, I believe this version takes it to the next level, Lee’s vocals are so powerfully magnificent!
DON’T LET HIM GET THE BEST OF YOU is an instrumental version and a totally different translation of the Whirlwind (Roulette) song. Ron Foster’s full 21+ piece orchestra delivers layers of strings and things, building to a hypnotic finale! 

Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Cleveland Parker AKE Lee McDonald - How Long Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Ronfo & Kindred Spirits Orchestra - Don't Let Him Get The Best Of You Listen

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input date 4th July 2019

Cleveland Parker AKA Lee McDonald / Ronfo & Kindred Spirits Orchestra




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