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At the end of 70s in Italy we had a production duo that, with their hits, arrived in the American DISCO charts. This duo were Malavasi & Petrus. First one is an ingenious producer / musician now well known all over the world. The other is a businessman and music producer : Jacques Fred Petrus . Their main project was CHANGE, with most of their hits written and realized by Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani and Paolo Gianolio. Their debut Album was “ The Glow of Love ”, published in 1980, with vocal features Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Brown . a mix of massive soul pop. Their records sold millions copies all over the world and they became soul & pop icons in the world. Their hits are still played in main world clubs, and main DJs use samples of their songs : Janet Jackson used “The Glow Of Love” sample in her “ All of you “ .. her number 1 single . This group activity ended in 1985, with their last work “Turn on your Radio ”. 33 years later a new Album is coming : “Love 4 Love”, a masterpiece with 10 previously unreleased tracks, written and produced by Davide Romani and Mauro Malavasi with Tanya Michelle Smith great voice , and 5 completely remastered hits. Modern sound but usual massive arrangements. Realization of this new project took 2 years with Stefano Colombo, Elio Baldi Cantù, Camillo Corona collaboration. First tune special guest : Maurizio “Sangy” Sangineto from “Firefly” at the guitar. Change’s fans all over the world are waiting for this !!!


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Hit Or Miss Listen
02. All My Life Listen
03. Love 4 Love Listen
04. Make Me (Go Crazy) Listen
05. Friends Listen
06. Living in Your Love Listen
07. How Will We
08. Too Late Listen
09. Living Monday Listen
10. Let's Go Together Listen
11. Oh What A Feeling (Featuring Deborah Cooper) Figo Sound Version Listen
12. Searching (Featuring Luther Vandross) Figo Sound Version) Listen
13. Seaside (Prelude)
14. You'll Always Be a Part of Me (Featuring Deborah Cooper & Rick Brennan) Figo Sound Version Listen
15. It's A Girl's Affair (Featuring Jocelyn Brown) Figo Sound Version Listen

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