Caserta – M (Caserta’s Baby Maker Dub / Caserta’s 909 Mix) – 7″ Vinyl – Pre-Order – In Stock 16/4/21



A little known release on Scott Diaz’s now defunct Connectd records makes its first appearance on vinyl! Anyone that knows Caserta knows his affinity for ’90s r&b. For (M) he snags a vocal from one of the most underrated and under appreciated vocalists of that time period. With two mixes featuring the keyboard stylings of the incomparable Yuki ‘U-Key’ Kanesaka the Dub version gets top billing on the A Side. Smooth keys by the aforementioned Kanesaka with a stripped down arrangement are sure to keep you 2 stepping no matter where your are.

On the B Side Caserta uses the same set up but this time with the classic 909 Drum Machine to keep take things to the next level!

IN STOCK – 16/4/21 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. M - Caserta's Baby Maker Dub Listen


No. Track Preview
01. M - Caserta's 909 Mix Listen

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input date 3rd March 2021





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