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Bobby Oroza – Breaktru (This Love Demo) / The Expressions – Will I Get Off Easy (Demo) – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !!


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In stock

Big Crown Records is proud to present this 7″ offering with two of the songs from the Record Store Day full length release Demoitis Vol. 1.

In keeping with the raw and unpolished aesthetic we handstamped all the labels for this limited edition 45. The A side is the demo recording Bobby Oroza made at home on an MPC to send to the guy at Timmion hoping to get them interested in working with him.  Needless to say that connection was made and the first song they ever made together is the studio version of “This Love” that has gone on to be a proper hit for Bobby. The B side is a real charmer. When working with Lee Fields, producer Leon Michels would often send Lee a “scratch vocal” of the song for Lee to learn before he came into the studio to record it. Here we have El Michels singing “Will I Get Off Easy” and giving it a different energy, laying down the foundation for what would go on to be one of the stand out tracks from Lee’s ‘It Rains Love’ album.


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Bobby Oroza - Breaktru (This Love Demo)


No. Track Preview

The Expressions - Will I Get Off Easy (Demo)


Bobby Oroza / The Expressions




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input date27th July 2021

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