Ben Wiggins – Let Bye Gones Be Bygones


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We are so glad to share with you the beginning of a little release series dedicated to an original producer from NY area, Mr. Ronald Foster, with whom we have been put in touch
by our friend Lars Bulnheim, we thank you mate for this. Ron has conducted orchestras in theaters in Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia and Washington being the man behind classic soul
groups such as STYLISTICS, MANHATTANS, McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD, MAIN INGREDIENT, DELFONICS, ISAAC HAYES, BARBARA MASON, EDDIE HOLMAN, INTRUDERS, LENNY WILLIAMS and oh so many others. We’ll be working on more stuff produced, arranged or just simply coordinated by Mr. Foster, whose career spans across over 50 years in the biz. So ladies and gentlemen, not much more i can add than what the music itself can tell. Ben Wiggins’ (Yes, THAT Ben Wiggins!) “Let Bye Gones Be Bygones” its a classic fully instrumented piece of Modern Soul that never made it out on any official release. It comes off a 1/4 inches reeltape mixdown which blasted out of the speakers with so many bass frequencies we had to calm it a little bit down, because we don’t want to be responsible of any wreckage that may occur by playing it OUT LOUD.


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01. Let Bygones Be Bygones - Part 1 Listen


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01. Let Bygones Be Bygones - Part 2

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input date 23rd April 2018

Ben Wiggins




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