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More rare treats from Motown’s female roster, including 14 previously unissued 1960s gems.

Many moons have passed since our last “Motown Girls” project was released – but these things take time and a great deal of patience. We’re confident followers of the series will find this new volume very well worth the long wait.

The collection opens with ‘In My Heart I Know It’s Right’ by Gladys Knight & the Pips and closes with ‘So Long’ by the great Kim Weston in torch singer mode (a series tradition). ‘In My Heart I Know It’s Right’ was the first track Gladys and her guys recorded for Motown. The group had been introduced to the company by Larry Maxwell, who’d folded his Maxx label – where they had enjoyed modest chart success – in 1965 to join Motown. Gladys was opposed to the move, fearing they would just end up on the company’s assembly line, but she was outvoted by the Pips: “We decided we didn’t have that much to lose”, William Guest recalled. How right he was. ‘So Long’ was the closing theme of 1940s radio favourites the Russ Morgan Orchestra. Kim’s version was cut at a session that included ‘It’s Too Soon To Know’, which premiered on our “Finders Keepers: Motown Girls” collection.

In between you’ll find some of the company’s biggest stars – the Marvelettes, Brenda Holloway, Mary Wells, Martha & the Vandellas – alongside lesser-known collector’s favourites such as Liz Lands, the Lewis Sisters and LaBrenda Ben. Liz Landsrecorded over 100 songs for Motown between June 1963 and January 1964, only a few of which have been released. Nearly all were standards or spirituals, a notable exception being ‘It’s Crazy Baby’. During 1964 Berry Gordy opened a new West Coast office, helmed by songwriter/producers Hal Davis and Marc Gordon, and Liz was sent out there for her final Motown assignment. House writer Frank Wilson came up with this modern-sounding song.

Of the 24 tracks here on “Baby I’ve Got It! More Motown Girls”, 16 are previously unissued and the rest were first made available as “Motown Unreleased” downloads between 2014 and 2017. The selections were recorded between 1961 and 1969, and – while predominantly uptempo, which should gladden most fans – represent several variations of the Motown sound.


Track Listing

No. Track Preview
01. In My Heart I Know It's Right - Gladys Knight & The Pips Listen
02. Without Love You LAose A Good Feelin' (Original Mix) - Brenda Holloway Listen
03. It's Been A Long Time Happenin' - Rita Wright Listen
04. Honey Don't Leave Me - The Lewis Sisters Listen
05. Baby I've Got It - Brenda Holloway Listen
06. It's Crazy Baby - Liz Lands Listen
07. There Are Things - Ann Bogan Listen
08. I'm Willing To Pay The Price - Martha & The Vandellas Listen
09. Bad News - LaBrenda Ben Listen
10. When Someone's Good To You - Oma Page Listen
11. Is This Why (I Gave My Love To You) - Gladys Knight & The Pips Listen
12. I Up And Think Of You - Kim Weston Listen
13. It's All Right - LaBrenda Ben (2018) Listen
14. She Don't Love You (with Strings) - Mary Wells Listen
15. Mr Misery (Let Me Be) - Martha & The Vandellas Listen
16. Playboy (first version) - The Marvelettes Listen
17. Cookie Boy - Thelma Brown Listen
18. Keep Away - Little Lisa Listen
19. Sweet Talkin' Guy - The Marvelettes Listen
20. I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Yvonne Fair Listen
21. You've Got Possibilities - Barbara McNair Listen
22. In Your Heart - Patrice Holloway Listen
23. There Was - The Lollipops Listen
24. So Long - Kim Weston Listen

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Baby I've Got It – More Motown Girls




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