Arthur Adams – Fight For Your Rights / Sure Is Funky Down Here – 7″ Vinyl


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Hitting hard like a hammer we have unearthed the fist pumping fight for you rights power SWAM 45 like no other. Sung and performed by legendary soul and blues artist Arthur Adams.
The session was recorded sometime between 1969 & 1971 and fuelled by discontent amongst young and old black Americans for a consistent lack of equal rights and suppression across the U.S.A.
Backing Arthur Adams on the track were none other than some of The Crusaders. Joe Sample (Keyboards) Stix Hooper (Drums) Wilton Felder (Bass) and Al Versova (Guitar).
Somehow this studio reel was sent to a West Coast a&r person for a view to public release. We are unsure why the tracks got over looked, but we are happy to have them for our 50th release.
A-“Fight for you rights” could stand toe to toe with Bobby Bland,Joe Tex and Sebastian Williams and many other hard hitting artists who have been revered on the soul scene for the past 50 years.
Its hits hard with its message but musically punches you across the dance floor with its driving drums and guitar licks.
Mastered from the original reels we made sure each element was on point for that 45 vinyl release.
B-Sure is funky down here” is exactly what it says on the tin! A fast paced down home style funk instrumental, but what we love is it lets rip half way through with a ferocious drum break and bass line breakdown. So in keeping with its 1971 production.


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01. Fight For Your Rights Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Sure Is Funky Down Here Listen

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Arthur Adams




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