Amaj – Our Love (Alberto’s Groove) / High Life (Vocal) – 7″ Vinyl (Crystal) – LIMITED EDITION – Pre-Order – In Stock Early December 2020



Here we go with the second instalment on Tesla Groove International Recordings from AMAJ, our kids in North Carolina. These are the very same guys me and Andrea met last year in New York after they drove all the way up overnight from North Carolina just to see us and discuss how to get to make and release stuff like this ABSOLUTE DYNAMITE DOUBLESIDER. I’m once again super proud a project like this, that was once just a talking in a vegan pricey breakfast spot south of Harlem, is coming to light with such a quality level. Its all about commitment, as their night ride alone well explains. Young musicians from the hoods, used mainly to do music for their gospel community are now in my view great composers and performers of Soul Music the way we like it at Tesla Groove and Cannonball. Judge by your ears, support and sing praises to these guys who are really doing their best. Well done Maurice!

IN STOCK – Early December 2020 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

Track Listing


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01. Our Love (Alberto's Groove) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. High Life (Vocal)

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input date 22nd October 2020





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