Amaj – I Know – 7″ (Black Vinyl)


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There’s a new Tesla Groove International Recordings artist on the block, and here we talkin’ AMAJ from Goldsboro, North Carolina. As you may or may not remember, these are the guys that drove all the way from their hometown up to New York just to meet me, Maurice and Jonte. So, beside the extreme humbleness this meeting shoved me, let me tell you that they perfectly resemble the vision and the attitude of our labels. Like Cannonball, Tesla and 4Quarti, they are a kind of collective in which any member of the team has a word and if the idea is any good then its good, and goes operational. They are young lads coming from a musical environment, with their own studio and such an open mind I couldn’t believe my ears when we met. They wrote the song, laid down a basic structure, passed it over onto me and my guys, it got structured, refined, mixed and mastered, all of that with such a fast and easy communication that I just hope this will turn into a lifelong collaboration. That said, now its your turn to support the guys, please share this love and help us to develope their thing by buying a copy, if you like it of course. From our end we decided to price it down a bit in favour of a fast spreading. Amaj really deserves.

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01. I Know Listen


No. Track Preview
01. I Know (Instrumental)

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