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Al Lindsey ft. Laura Rain – Claim It / Celebrate – 7″ Vinyl – BACK IN STOCK NOW !!


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So pleased to release this fabulous helping of two great slabs of Soul on our contemporary “Gold” label

Motown has delivered it’s share of classic duets. Artists such as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston to name a few have set a high bar for this great city of music. Now we have the tantalizing collaboration of Soulful Al Lindsey and Laura Rain with Claim It, both products of Detroit. They met though the magic of social media. They both have been on the musical scene for quite a while and have produced some great music. Prolific Laura Rain of the group Laura Rain and Caesars has toured the world sharing her talent and has delivered four albums. Al is a gifted vocalist, lyricist, producer as well and has dropped four albums to his credit. Both Al and Laura has received several awards in recognition of their talent. Brace yourself for this powerful and soulful duo. Detroit you have outdone yourself with this one! Courtesy of Soulstrutter blogspot

A quick introduction to the soulful recording artist Al Lindsey.

Al Lindsey was born in a small town in Gordonsville, Virginia. He moved to Detroit at the age of eleven. He found a voice for singing at the age of twelve and as a young lad at the age of fourteen he was to sing lead in the adult church choir. Al was performing in nightclubs at the tender age of sixteen.

As a Detroiter it is only reasonable he would be influenced by the sounds of Motown, with David Ruffin and Marvin Gaye as his childhood idols.  Back in the day, Al was to perform with the current Four Top Lawrence Payton Jr prior to pursuing a solo career.  His first recording was Always on my mind, a Northern soul classic. Followed by three albums, Al has since released his best work ever, Versatility.

In search of a new sound, he teamed with J&J2 Productions out of Saginaw.  This production team consist of the dynamic father and son team, James Owens Sr and James Jr.  There’s a strong message in this work, as was with Marvin Gaye’s classic “What’s Going On”.  Versatility is the featured song on the cd, with it’s primary message addressing the beauty of diversity.  Cotton Candy is a blazing dance track with the influence of Maze.  Changed is a personal testimony, a must for his gospel fans. Midsummer Dream and Heavy Thoughts represent his trademark balladeer sound.

Al has shared the stage with some of the more prolific entertainers and musicians in the business.  This soulful artist is destined for greatness.

This track got picked up on its digital release by any radio station and modern fans and a big than you must go to Mark Turner for introducing  Al to MD Records.


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