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A-P Connection is an autoproduced French Funk music duo founded in 2012 in Reims.

Growing up, Antoine Perez and Pierre Bonnet were mostly influenced by the funk and disco music of the 70’s and 80’s. It was obvious that playing music would become part of their lives.

At the early beginning they played only guitar and bass, yet this quickly evolved into a wider variety of instruments allowing them to create their own compositions.

Wide Vision reflects the versatility of our soul and music. Many very talented artists have joined us to make this new opus an exceptional blend of music.

16 new songs featuring amazing vocalists : Adam Chini, Ava BayaChuck NewDenise L. Wilkinson (from Ladies of SKYY), Howard JohnsonHeather Haywood (From The Cool Notes)Joyce Sims, JuniorMatthew Clanton,

Nate Williams, Ryan Konline.

Amazing musicians : Horn House (Tom Walsh & Nichol Thomson), JEMMAMaya KilltronHoodie Boy, Lucia Sarmiento.

Exclusive producer Master ” T. “.

Artwork by Camille Vdl


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. A-P Groove
02. Thin Line (feat. Howard Johnson) Listen
03. Lifetime to Find (feat. Nate Williams) Listen
04. Love At First Sight (feat Denise L. Wilkinson) Listen
05. 1,2,3,4 (And The Beat Goes On) (feat. Junior) Listen
06. 21 Pleasure (feat. Chuck New) Listen
07. Positively Happy (feat. Heather Haywood) Listen
08. All For You (feat. Matthew Clanton) Listen
09. Girl Of My Dreams (feat. Ryan Konline) Listen
10. Today Tomorrow Forever (feat. Joyce Sims) Listen
11. Millionaire (feat. Nate Williams) Listen
12. Idylle (feat. Ava Baya)
13. Nothing We Can’t Do Together (feat. Junior) Listen
14. What Kind ? (feat. Adam Chini)
15. Masquerade (feat. Howard Johnson) Listen
16. A-Phony Listen

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